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Portal Do Futuro - UAE branch 
We are a company that works in general trade, import and export and has several departments to provide services to its customers to make the customer reach to his goals and here our services stand out not only to meet the customer's requirements, but to cooperate together to reach a successful business.  


A wide range of services we offer you with all sincerity and perfection.


Some of the most important projects we are proud of.


A group of our most important valued clients, whom we had the honor to work with.



Private work

Portal Do Futuro is one of the distinguished companies in the field of rehabilitation and reconstruction. They are known for their punctual delivery, their accurate attention to detail and their constant keenness to provide a distinctive and different work from others. It was an experience that added a lot to me professionally and personally.

General Manager

Fayez Shiekh Al Ared


The company complied with what was required of it and respected all the terms of the contract and performed it satisfactorily.

Project Manager

Muhannad Dawoudi

Private work

A good company that did a great job and we were happy to work with them, they are distinguished by their commitment to work ethics and the things that maintain the safety of the implementation team and users of the project


Adnan Mohammad

Private work

It was my pleasure to deal with this company for several reasons. They are keen to deliver the project on time. Besides, their high efficiency in carrying out the tasks, and because of their kind treatment with all the project staff. If I have the opportunity in the future to collaborate on a new project with them, I will surely be glad to do so.


Baraa Abu Zrar

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